1) Curl!

Unless you are blessed with naturally curled lashes, grab those lash curlers (the Shu Uemura ones are amazing, or try the M&S ones for a more affordable option!). For extra staying power, use your radiator or hairdryer to heat them up which makes them act like curling tongs (obviously, use caution here! Test the temperature *before* applying to your – CLEAN! – lashes!)

2) Line, line, line!…

What you want here is to darken the skin between and around the hairs which gives the impression of really thick, black lashes. Use a gel liner (such as MAC Fluidline, or Inglot gel liner) on a synthetic angled brush to create a black line right by the lashes. To REALLY make them look long and thick, line the water line (inside the eye on the top lid, just beneath the lashes) – this makes such a difference!

3) Powder!

Using loose powder, dust the ends of the lashes. This does the same thing as lash fibers – it thickens and helps lengthen the hairs, giving the mascara something to stick to. I used Elizabeth Arden mineral powder.

4) Mascara time…

My go-to method for a curled, dramatic look that lasts all night without looking clumpy, is to use a waterproof mascara as a base coat – this helps hold the curl. I also prefer to use a slightly drier formulation for this, as I find that very “wet” mascara can uncurl my lashes. I used Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara.

Once this dries, I brush through with a lash comb, brush on a little more powder (less is more!) and apply my final coat. For this, I used the Dior Iconic mascara, but if you’re on a budget, I’d recommend Freedom Pro Curl Mascara, or Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara too!)

Don’t cause too much of a draft when blinking, ladies!