1) Always – ALWAYS! – take your make-up off at night! I know I bang on about this, and I know it’s pretty much the last thing you want to do when you are sleepy, but when you sleep in your make up you risk:

* blocked pores which can lead to acne,

* clogged lash follicles which could result in eye irritation or worse: whiteheads and styes (gak!)

…and when you don’t wash your face you are holding on to the days pollutants – and these free-radicals can cause the breakdown of collagen in the skin, leading to fine lines!

Why not invest in some products you love, and think of it as a little skin treat everyday?

2) Try coconut oil in your beauty regime.

If you aren’t already, then I’m sure you will have heard people raving about the merits of coconut oil, and this is for good reason! It can be used in a multitude of ways, including as a fairly cheap paraben and SLS-free skin moisturiser, eye make-up remover, hair conditioning treatment, cuticle oil, lip balm, as well as a cooking oil which stands up well to high temperatures! Look for a cold-pressed organic product for the best results.

3) Try out some ‘no-heat’ styling methods for your hair!

Try alternating heat styling (with a heat protecting spray, of course!), with nourishing treatments for your hair (see ‘Coconut Oil’ above as an example), alongside heat-free styling tricks!

For curly hair, ‘plopping’ is a popular technique using a rolled up t-shirt to dry your locks.

For wavy hair, try wrapping your hair around a wide, soft headband overnight, for soft, bohemian waves

For straight hair, either leave it to air dry straight, or try pin curls, bantu knots, tin-foil curls, or braiding to give it some movement, curl or texture.

4) Try a new make-up look!

Whether with different methods of application, new colours, working out how to highlight and contour, or finding the ultimate red lipstick for you – experiment!

Or if you want some professional help, book one of our amazing Zeebba artists to help advise!